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Classic Holidays has been operating in Australia for over 40 years and is now the largest resort, club and member management company in Australasia. Classic manages 30+ resorts and clubs within Australia and New Zealand, employing thousands of staff to service its active membership base of more than 65,000 member families.


Classic provides flexible and affordable membership options for families to enjoy the highest quality holidays around the world. At Classic every decision made is guided by members, not only in terms of what current members want and need, but what their future needs will be. Hand in hand with this is Classic’s commitment to innovation - Classic strives to maintain a flexible, market-responsive business model that continually enhances core products and services.


Part of the award-winning Beneficium group of companies, Classic has been named Best Management Company for six consecutive years in the global timeshare industry’s prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards, as well as Best Overall Company in 2017.

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