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APRDO Recommended Guidelines for Resorts and Sales Sites

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge to the travel and hospitality industry. The timeshare industry, which includes resort developers, resort management companies and timeshare Resorts, is not immune to this challenge. As an industry, we must inspire confidence in our owners and guests by showing that we are appropriately focused on protecting their health and safety as well as the health and safety of our staff.

These recommendations should be read in conjunction with any current government regulations and health advice relating to COVID-19 and may be updated as necessary to ensure current best practice standards and measures for COVID-19 risk mitigation continue as necessary to protect the health and safety of owners, guests and staff.

These Recommendations are mutual obligations. To that effect, owners and guests must also follow health guidelines and their part to help protect their families and those around them. We are all in this together. We also recognise that any travel presents an inherent risk of exposure. COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, and the risk for exposure exists in all public spaces. Owners and guests voluntarily assume this risk by choosing to travel. This guidance not only directly responds to the COVID-19 threat faced today but prepares the industry to handle future health-related threats which may arise.

The key criteria for a safe return to business:

  1. Promote and facilitate pre-screening to prevent potentially infected staff and customers from attending industry places of business.

  2. Alter business practices where relevant to ensure social distancing in line with government health guidelines.

  3. Enhance cleaning and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection.

  4. Establish and maintain COVID-safe procedures

Be safe!

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